All classes held in the Art School Ceramics Studio.

Tuition does not include clay. Students must purchase all clay from the Art School. Students enrolled in a ceramics class may use the studio during posted Open Studio hours.

  • 3 Ceramics • CRSM173A52

    Travel the world of ceramics, learn and use the techniques of hand building and wheel throwing to make your own vision of animated objects and vessels. Work along with like-minded people and have fun exploring what you can do with this malleable material—clay. Artistic and technical informa...

    Shigeru Miyamoto  
    Sep. 11-Dec. 11
    Mon 6–9pm (13 sessions) Past_exhib_full_class_image
  • Intro to Ceramics • CRCT173A54

    Learn beginning and intermediate clay-handling techniques. Slab, coiled, and wheel-thrown forms are explored. Individual projects are encouraged. Course includes discussions on high-fire glazes, glaze application, and kiln operation. No class Oct 12 & Nov 23  Tools and clay: Tuition...

    Cynthia Tesoro  
    Sep. 7-Dec. 14
    Thu 6–9pm (13 sessions) Past_exhib_full_class_image
  • No Wheel, Just Hands • CRAH173A55

    Wheel shmeel! Let’s explore hand-building techniques through ceramic history. This course aims to have you using your digits to create sculptural and functional work. Be prepared for pinching, heavy coiling, and slabwork. No class Oct 9 Tools and clay: Tuition does not include tools or cl...

    Ashley Huang  
    Sep. 11-Dec. 11
    Mon 9am–noon (13 sessions) Past_exhib_fa17_cr_5
  • Raku • CRJP173A56

    Work with hand-built and wheel-thrown stoneware as you learn about raku, kiln use, glazing, resist application, and other low-fire methods such as “popcorn” and horsehair firing. Tools and safety are also covered. No class Oct 10 Tools and clay: Tuition does not include tools or cla...

    Joel Park  
    Sep. 5-Dec. 12
    Tue 6–9pm (14 sessions) Past_exhib_sp17_adult_cr_05